Conferences and workshops

The Fourth Finnish-Hungarian Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy (29-30 May)

Nature, Mind, and Action in Leibnix (1-2 June)

Knowledge as Assimilation (9-11 June)

Perception, Knowledge, and Assimilation (12 June)

The Fourth Finnish-Hungarian Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy

29–30 May 2017
University of Turku

Artium, Seminar Hall Hovi V105 (Kaivokatu 12, Turku)

Monday, 29 May

10.30 Martin Benson (Stony Brook): The Power of Affectivity: The Ground of the Good in Spinoza’s Ethics

11.30 Daniel Fogal (Uppsala): Descartes and the Possibility of Enlightened Freedom

13.30 Laetitia Ramelet (Lausanne): Pufendorf’s Solution to the Puzzle of Consent and Natural Law

15.00 Martin Pickup (Oxford): The Infinity of Analysis and Leibniz’s Problems of Proof

16.00 Mike Griffin (CEU): Leibniz on Infinite Analysis

Tuesday, 30 May

9.30 Ville Paukkonen (Helsinki): Berkeley’s Theory of Agent Causation: Finite and Infinite Agents and the Question of Necessary Connections

10.30 Julia Jorati (Ohio State): Emilie du Châtelet’s Agent-Causal Compatibilist Theory of Freedom

11.30 Lloyd Strickland (Manchester Metropolitan): The Fourth Hypothesis on the Union of Soul and Body

13.30 Jani Hakkarainen (Tampere) & Todd Ryan (Trinity College): Hume on Possible Duration without Possible Temporal Parts

15.00 Sebastian Bender (HU Berlin) & Till Hoeppner (Potsdam): Leibniz and Kant on Representations and Minds

16.00 Dai Heide (Simon Fraser): A Mereological Argument for the Non-Spatiotemporality of Things in Themselves


The Organizing Committee

Valtteri Viljanen (Turku) Mike Griffin (CEU) Vili Lähteenmäki (Helsinki) Judit Szalai (ELTE)


Knowledge as Assimilation

Helsinki, 9-11 June

Preliminary Programme

Day 1

9.30-10 José Filipe Silva and Christina Thomsen-Thörnqvist, OPENING WORDS

10-11 Eyfi Emilsson, Plotinus on Perceptual Judgment and Innateness

11-12 Sarah Byers, Victorinus and Augustine on the Identity of Content Known in First and Second Actuality of Knowledge

12-14 LUNCH

14-15 Jörn Müller, Truth as adequation in Thomas Aquinas: Some problems

15-16 Therese Cory, Assimilation vs. Representation: A Proposal regarding Intelligible Species in Aquinas

16-16.30 COFFEE

16.30-17.30 KEYNOTE 1: Mohan Matthew, Perception as Spatial Representation

Day 2

9.30-10.30 Jon McGinnis, Some Becoming Remarks: Avicenna’s Criticism of the Assimilation Theory of Cognition and of Becoming the Intelligible Object

10.30-11 COFFEE

11-12 Carla Di Martino, Rationality in Perception. Avicenna and Aquinas

12-13 Cecilia Trifogli, Thomas Aquinas and Giles of Rome on the Reception of Forms without the Matter

13-14.30 LUNCH

14.30-15.30 Dominik Perler, Is Assimilation Possible? Suárez on Intellectual Cognition

15.30-16 COFFEE

16-17 Keynote 2: Pavel Gregoric, The Intellect and its Objects in Aristotle’s De Anima III.4

Day 3

10-11 Pauliina Remes, Platonists on Starting Points of Reasoning

11-11.30 COFFEE

11.30-12.30 Jari Kaukua, Avicenna’s Empiricism Reconsidered

12.30-13.30 Ana Maria Mora Marquez, Intellectual knowledge of the particular (1250-1350)

13.30-15 LUNCH

15-16.30 RiP Workshop

Nature, Mind, and Action in Leibniz

Workshop, University of Turku, June 1–2, 2017

Room: SH 150 (Publicum)

Thursday June 1

9:30 Stephan Schmid (Hamburg): “Leibniz’s Concept of the Will and the Non-Rational Strivings of Monads”

10:45 Valtteri Viljanen (Turku): “Leibniz and Locke on Deliberation”

13:30 Julia Borcherding (Yale): “Leibniz on Moral Instincts”

14:45 Julia Jorati (Ohio): “Embodied and Disembodied Cognition in Leibniz”

16:15 Peter Myrdal & Arto Repo (Turku): “Leibniz on Ideas”

Friday June 2

10:00 Ohad Nachtomy (Bar-Ilan): “Monads at the Top, Monads at the Bottom, Monads All Over”

11:15 Sebastian Bender (Humboldt): “Leibniz and the Puzzle of Independence”

14:00 Nabeel Hamid (Penn): “Optimality Principles in Leibniz’s Natural Philosophy”

15:15 Paolo Rubini (Helsinki): “Loss of Motion: Leibniz on the Phenomenon of Friction”

Organizers: Peter Myrdal & Valtteri Viljanen

The workshop is open to everyone. No registration is needed.

Perception, Knowledge, and Assimilation

Junior Scholar Workshop

Monday, June 12, 2017University of Helsinki

Auditorium IV (main building), Fabianinkatu 33


9.30-10.00     Registration & Welcome

MORNING SESSION (Chair: ANSELM OELZE, University of Helsinki)

10.00-11.00    MATTHIEU MOULLEC (Sorbonne, Paris): “Learning Outside the World. Assimilation of Knowledge in Plotinus’ Work”

11.00-12.00     DAVLAT DADIKHUDA (LMU, Munich): “Avicenna Keeping it Real. Sense Perception in The Healing; al-Nafs II.2”

12.00-13.30     LUNCH


13.30-14.30     PALOMA HERNÁNDEZ RUBIO (UAM, Mexico City): “De re praedicatur. Intentiones and forma totius according to Albertus Magnus”

14.30-15.30     PETER WEST (Trinity College, Dublin): “Berkeley’s Anti-Abstractionism As a Grounds for the Likeness Principle”

15.30-16.00     COFFEE

KEYNOTE LECTURE (Chair: JOSÉ FILIPE SILVA, University of Helsinki)

16.00-17.00    PAOLO RUBINI (University of Helsinki): “Accidental Perception and Cogitative Power in Thomas Aquinas and John of Jandun”

19.00   DINNER

The workshop is organised and funded by the European Research Council project Rationality in Perception: Transformations of Mind and Cognition 1250-1550. It is part of the Nordic Network for the History of Philosophy workshop series.